Irani Tiles Prices In Pakistan Price List 2023

Irani Tiles Prices In Pakistan Price List 2023 is here for you. From the side of Iran, we see the import of clay and ceramic tiles. If you want to buy 600 x 600 porcelain floor tiles then their cost will be 4.6 dollars to 8 dollars per square meter. Then comes the section of ceramic tiles and their cost is around 3.77 dollars to 5.54 dollars on the basis of per square meter measurements. From this country of Iran, we too import the fireproof soft wood tiles and they are extremely flexible, the estimated price of such tiles are 8.7 dollars per square meter. No matter you get the Iranian floor tiles or you want to buy porcelain wall tiles, then the normal price which is charged by the individual, it is 4.95 dollars on the terms of per square meter.

Irani Tiles Prices!

Moving onto more details of Irani tiles price list in Pakistan, it depends on the Irani tiles design in Pakistan that how much you have to pay the price! If you are choosing some what royal and expensive style in this tiles section, then a high bill will be given to you. Variations are seen in Irani floor tiles price in Pakistan. These wall glazed kind of porcelain Iranian tiles are available in the price range of 14.8 dollars and ivory colored tiles can be purchased by paying around 2.69 dollars per square meter.

Irani Tiles Prices In Pakistan Price List 2019

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The brick mosaic tiles which are used for home decor, their estimated price is 5 dollars to 12 dollars and if any one wants to buy some what rustic wall tiles about the Irani Tiles Prices In Pakistan Price List 2023, then their per square meter price and cost will come out to be 1 dollars to 3 dollars. Have you ever bought these Irani tiles, let us know your feedback and the revised price list will be put up as well.

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