Molty Foam Price List In Pakistan 2023 Molty Plus 2 In 1 Others

For the decades, Master Molty Foam matters has successfully stayed the personification of quality and is much-admired for its great worth and comfort since 1963. So here is Molty Foam Price List In Pakistan Master Molty Foam is one of the best mattres that claims the only highly pressured Foam, unmatched quality with the guaranteed satisfaction of customer in Pakistan. Master Molty Foam advanced as a generic name for foam with the collaboration of Germany.  The steadiness, control, reliability Master Molty Foam matters offers make it long lasting and durable.

All these claims are not only the braggart they prove them with their performance and gained the trust of customer. MoltyFoam Asli’ Foam, the only high pressured Foam in Pakistan and also medically approved gives the sleepers comfort solutions that are most recommended in Pakistan. The vision has been focused on the customers happiness that force to modernize the technology, fine craft, quality and interaction with the customers describe that Master Molty Foam have attain the perfection, excellence.

Molty Foam Price List In Pakistan 2023

Master Molty Foam try hard to formulate new and unique designs for the customer comfort.  Master Molty Foam promises that you can try mattress for the 14 days. If u don’t feel comfortable or don’t love it,you have the opportunity to return it for a full replacement which is great and fair deal. In 1977, American brand Master Celeste introduced in Pakistan that achieve the bench mark of the luxurious sleep mattress in Pakistan

Molty Foam Price List In Pakistan are different according the matters.Master Molty Foam offers a huge variety in mattress according to your comfort zone and it also vary in prices in Pakistan.

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  • Molty Foam 2 in 1 price in Pakistan is 17,000. The modernism enables of 2in1 technology into the Molty Foam to provide medium support with one side and firm support with the other.just flip the side of your mattress that fulfills with resting need.
  • Master Molty foam Spring mattress price list 26,300 in Pakistan.for the spring mattress customer are concerned about the hight of the foam whichis not a issue Master offers “low profile box spring” in which cut the hight of the box spring 4.5 inches.
  • Molty in a box price in Pakistan is 20,200. It is easy to carry and less consumption of place that is demand in recent time.
  • Molty Eco price in paksitan is 13,300. It is developed on the high pressured technology. This is the great deal for those who are looking for budget Friendly foam.
  • MoltyFoam Firm price in Pakistan is 14,300. This option is for those customers that are seeking for the firm, extra support under heavy part.
  • MoltyFoam price in Pakistan is 11,300. It enables to provide perfect support and fulfill resting needs.
  • MoltyFoam Plus price in Pakistan is 17,400. It is double side foam with 40mmm quilting each side and has loft ,smooth
  • MoltyPlus 2in1 price in Pakistan is 20,400
  • MoltyOrthoDuo 3in1 price in paksitan is 40,500.Medicaly approved Orthopedic matters that is also known as ortho mattress. ortho mattress by molty foam is categorically designed to come up with unique surface that aid the health issues that make vary from other foams which available in the market.
  • MoltyFoam FOLD A BED price in Pakistan is 6,700 that cater the need of singlr person
  • Molty Sleep Deluxe price in Pakistan is 51,900 and provide the perfection and high level luxurious sleep
  • Cool Gel7 zone Topper prices in Pakistan is 8,800. This foam provide the supportive and air flow breathable comfortable cool sleep.
  • MoltyHybrid price in Pakistan is 38,500. It clams “best of both world” it is the combination of comfort,better air flow, bounce of firm.
  • Size chart 2023 is available on every product that comes in four sizes. Single 6.5×3.5feet, queen is in 6.5×5 feets , queen2 is in 6.5×5.5feet , king 6.5×6 feet .

Online shopping from daraz, olx and also track orders They deliver your order to the delivery address.molty foam mattress is shipped in a vacuum packed box that is very easily carried away from the store. Just you have to remove the protective wrap and it expand automatically

The reason is quality, durability, comfort and catering the need of people that’s Why people prefer molty foam over other branded foams in the market. molty foam stiffly permit additional support under the heaviest part of the body and maintain your spine aligned when you are sleeping.

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