Boss Air Cooler Price In Pakistan 2023 Evaporative Room

In the timeline category of the quality and so as the economy of its products has earned on with the company of Boss a great name and so as the fame in the market and households. here we are sharing Boss Air Cooler Price In Pakistan 2023 Evaporative Room complete details.This company has made itself coming out to be one of the best in the manufacturing many different types of home appliances, including washing machines, as well as water heaters, water dispensers, plus electric iron and air coolers.

They are famous known in delivering out with the quality producer of the wide variety of appliances used in the kitchen where we can bring the names of the blender, juicer, toaster, deep fryers, coffee maker, food processor, chopper, hand mixer, and many more. The launch of different kinds of the air cooler models has further added on with the clientele of the company.

There are so many best features that are attached to the air coolers of the Boss company. They are much affordable with the rates and hence much economical too. They are also mentioned to be hugely energy efficient as they do consume less amount of electricity as compared with any other kinds of the counterparts from the competitors.

Boss Air Cooler Price In Pakistan 2023 Evaporative Room

They are attached with the smart look and beautiful design.There are two models of the air coolers being offered by the Boss as mentioned out to be KE-ECM-7000 and KE-ECTR-7000. Both are carried out to be similar in the range of the body dimensions. now you can see Boss Air Cooler Price In Pakistan 2023 new different model with price details.

Boss Air Cooler new model price list 2019

Boss evaporative Air cooler price in Pakistan:

  • Boss Air Cooler ECM-10000 has market price of Rs.24,970
  • Boss Air Cooler ECM-10000TR has market price of Rs.26,040
  • Boss Air Cooler ECM-6000 has market price of Rs.15,499
  • Boss Air Cooler ECM-6000TR has market price of Rs.16,410

Boss Air Cooler Price In Pakistan 2019 Evaporative Room

  • Boss Air Cooler ECM-7000 has market price of Rs.16,410
  • Boss Air Cooler ECM-7000TR has market price of Rs.17,410

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Comment on Boss Air Cooler Price In Pakistan 2023 Evaporative Room details. This was the end of the discussion about some of the best Boss air cooler models and their prices in Pakistan as well. So checking out the prices you can easily make the best choice for yourself.


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