China Ceramic Tiles Price In Pakistan

China Ceramic Tiles Price In Pakistan information and all details are mentioned on this web page. In China, we often see the large number fo reliable and trustworthy manufacturers of these ceramic tiles. Pakistan import huge quantity of these tiles from the China country. The quality present in these tiles is the exceptional of all. Pakistanis are favoring these kinds of tiles nowadays.

The prices of this category varies. It depends on your style aspect, design factor and quantity that the final price of tiles is based on! Such tiles are counted as one of the best flooring materials. You can install them in any of the rooms of your house. They can be used and applied in kitchens too. You can place and put them in bathrooms.

China Ceramic Tiles Price In Pakistan

These tiles usually comprises a hard protective kind of top layer which makes them impervious and resistant to water. We can say that they are naturally resistant to high humidity conditions.

Black & Gold

Price Range Rs 85/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 250/ft2 for slab

Boticina Fancy

Price Range Rs 65/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 250/ft2 for slab

Verona Marble

Price Range Rs 110/ft2 for Flooring

Price Range Rs 400/ft2 for slab

Jet Black Granite

Price Range Rs 370/ft2 for slab

Snow white Granite

Price Range Rs 500/ft2 for slab

Silver Pearl

Price Range Rs 850-1000/ft2 for slab up to 2 ft wide

Pearl grey

Price Range Rs 1000/ft2 for slab up to 2 ft wide

Indian tiger

Price Range Rs 600/ft2 for slab up to 2 ft wide

Baltic red

Price Range Rs 650/ft2 for slab up to 2 ft wide

Baltic brown

Price Range Rs 550/ft2 for slab up to 2 ft wide

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This is one of the main reasons that why these tiles are preferred for the wet areas like that of bathrooms, kitchens and too for the laundry rooms. These tiles are the name of durability. These China ceramic tiles remain durable always. As they are extremely tough and also difficult to crack. If you will go for the quality installation, then they can easily last for bunch of years.

Stay tuned and more info on China Ceramic Tiles Price In Pakistan will be put up. If you have used these kinds of tiles, then share your feedback. More of the amazing looking tiles are made and manufactured by China, we will give you details about them too. Let us know which tiles you have installed in your home and how much you are satisfied from them. Keep in touch and get all tiles related info from here.

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