Stone Wall Tiles Price In Pakistan

The concept of using stone wall tiles in Pakistan, it is getting higher and 100% popular. For the reason that, readers can have a look at the information on these Stone Wall Tiles price In Pakistan. If you are getting these tiles in the natural color shade, that is in the sunny grey color or you are buying Himalayan rock salt bricks, then the price which you will pay is around 0.99 dollars, minimum 50 pieces order has to be placed by you. To get marble tiles or marble slabs,, you might be charged around US $2.65 and 100 pieces is the minimum order requirement. These are budget friendly tiles, that is why their average price falls in between US $1-10 if you want to get 50 to 100 pieces. The natural stone Afghan white tiles, their price is US $3.5-3.5 for 500 per square meter.

Stone Wall Tiles Price In Pakistan

Moving on to more details of Stone Wall Tiles price In Pakistan, we have beige tiles for you which comes in the same category of stone wall tiles and their average price and cost are US $2.45. If the person is interested in getting Himalayan pink salt tiles, then the cost of these tiles is US $1-10. A few of the stone wall tiles charge US $10.5 for 650 square meter from the buyers.

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Together, we will more explore this section of Stone Wall Tiles price In Pakistan. If you have ever purchased these version of tiles, then share the price range which you pay for them and how was your quality experience. More price and cost details of all kinds of tiles will be put up on this web page. So keep connected and install the high quality stone wall tiles at your residence. You can tell us that which other next tile type price you wants to be discussed!

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