Marble Floor Tiles Price In Pakistan 2023 Polished

Marble Floor Tiles Price In Pakistan 2023 explained here at this page. The marble flooring, granite flooring and onyx flooring tiles prices in Pakistan about 300 or plus 300. Granite and marble are both different with the high sought after surfacing materials. The fleck like granular make the appearance with respect to the siliceous stone as per the silica according to the quartz like particles. marble price in pakistan Sandstone and other kinds of particles includes the calcium carbonate ass per the vinegar, wine and tomatoes through the finest way out.

Marble Floor Tiles Price In Pakistan 2023

Badal (grey color) = 25 rupees per sq. ft. Long lasting but less shiny.
Royal Cream or Royal Fancy (brown/biege) = 45-50 rupees per sq.ft. Shiny and good quality stone.
Crystal (beige)= 75-80 rs. per sq.ft. Light color stone. Bright and shiny. Good quality.

Marble Floor Tiles Price In Pakistan 2019 Polished

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Polished Marble Floor Tiles Price In Pakistan

Silica, calcium carbonate and such kinds of materials focuses upon the porosity in terms of marble way out. The aesthetic, travertine, limestone and onyx make the approach.  The vinegar, wine and calcium carbonate material explained with the porosity which means the structure and crystalline way out about the Polished Marble Floor Tiles Price In Pakistan 2023.

Sunny white marble price in Pakistan

Marbles are a gainful material for development work. This has been utilized since antiquated days. It is additionally made into tiles and ground surface materials, which assists with making the regular feel of your home. There are many kinds of marbles, for example, finished, glass, white, blue, pink, yellow, red, rosewood, etc, which make up the entire scope of marbles. so get the Sunny white marble price in Pakistan.

Grade Size Surface FOB Price
A 30*30*1 Polished $6/Square Meters
A 30*60*1 Polished $7/Square Meters
A 30*60*2 Polished $12/Square Meters
A 60*60*2 Polished $16/Square Meters
A 40*40*2 Polished $16/Square Meters

These marbles can be utilized for various purposes or they can be consolidated for embellishing purposes. They come in many shapes and sizes: square, triangle, oval, round crystal, octagonal, trapezoid, hexagonal, pentagonal, and so forth. You can get any size marble anyplace you need however the significant point is that they make your home look rich. We have referenced a few characteristics of marbles beneath.

ziarat white marble price in pakistan

Rs. 90-350 per sq

Ziarat White Marble is a sort of white marble quarried in Pakistan. This stone is particularly great for Countertops, mosaic, outside – inside wall and floor applications, wellsprings, pool and wall covering, steps, window ledges and other plan projects. It additionally called Super White Marble, Balochistan White Marble . Ziarat White Marble can be handled into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled, etc.



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