Sonex Floor Tiles Price In Pakistan 2023

These Sonex floor tiles price in Pakistan 2023, they vary in terms of their design and style factors. This is one of the reputed and popular companies working in Pakistan which makes and manufactures all kinds of digital floor tiles, utensils, sanitary fittings, granite, and ceramic tiles. As this is the local scale company, so their prices are also affordable. Rs 28 /square feet is the average price of these Sonex floor tiles. These prices can go higher, like some of the expensive and highly superior tiles made by them charge almost Rs 50 per square feet from the customers. But all in all, this is the average price which average customers have to pay while getting these tiles made by the brand of Sonex.

Sonex Floor Tiles Price In Pakistan 2023

This is a family-owned company and it was founded in the year of 1955. They make a large and diverse kind of products, starting from utensils, then we have aluminum utensils and non-stick utensils. This group of industries also make stainless steel three-ply kind of utensils and sanitary fittings. It is their uncompromising precision and progressive innovation, it is because of their outstanding designs and dedication that we see the best combination of beauty and technology as well as functionality all at the highest level in their products.

Sonex Floor Tiles Price In Pakistan 2019

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So, Sonex floor tiles price in Pakistan, they normally fall in between the scales of Rs 28 /square feet to Rs 50 /square feet. This is the average cost which they charge these days and no doubt, if they ever increase the price of their tiles, then the quality of their tiles also turn out to be exceptional. If you are the regular customer of Sonex then let us know which floor tile type you like the most of them! The updated prices will be shared too.

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