Sona Urea Price In Pakistan

In this article we elaborate the detail description about the Sona urea price in Pakistan. The price starts from 4,100 and it goes to the 4, the field of agriculture fertilizers are most important factor. The fertilizers need to bolster the food production and increase the raid growth in production. In term of getting exceptional robust result from the soil we have to provide requisite nutrients.

In market there are different types of fertilizers are available to strengthening the land power. The prices of fertilizers are not stable because of the financial condition and dollar rates in Pakistan. There so many companies are providing fertilizers in market but sona urea is one of the best result oriented fertilizer in Pakistan. Here is some company names mentioned that manufactures fertilizers

Prices of sona fertilizers in Pakistan

  • Sona urea 4,100 to 42500
  • Sona DAP 13,500 to 14,500

Manufacturing companies

  • Engro fertilizer limited
  • Fauji Fertilizer Company limited
  • Fatima Fertilizer Company limited
  • Dawood Hercules cooperation limited
  • Pakarab fertilizer limited

Difference between sona urea and sona DAP

There are two types of sona fertilizer. One is sona urea and second sona DAP. There is very slight difference between sona urea and sona DAP. Both are fertilizers and used to empowering the land but the conditions are different. Sona DAP is used during the sewing the grains it provide the nutrition to land and Boston the energy power while on the other hand sona urea is used when the crop is standing and in midway to ripen. So the crop stay stable and strong until it harvest and reach to final destination.

Benefits of sona urea fertilizer

  • Increment in the crop yield
  • Balance nutrients and reduce deficiency
  • Enhance the growth
  • Improve the strength of land
  • Reduce the environmental expansion
  • Weather suppleness
  • Increment in sustainability
  • Pocket friendly

Sona urea nutrients

It decreases the deficiency in land and elevates the nutrition in soil. It contain

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium

So as conclusion we can say that fertilizers are very essential factor for the crop. Due to the financial circumstances the prices are very high and unpredictable that influences the rates within country. The government of Pakistan should take action in term of sustaining the prices. So the local farmer can avail from it. For more information regarding sona urea please visit this site.

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