Copper Rate In Pakistan

In this post we are going to have looked at the Copper rate in Pakistan. Copper price totally depends on the quality and sells in KG in Pakistan. Price of copper per KG is 25, 00 to 4600 and totally depend on quality of copper. The selling price of products in the market changes according the prices of copper. Copper is very important metal in construction of buildings, in wires that are used for electricity. Pakistan is one of the countries that possess copper products at a wide range and doing trading at very high level. There are two kind of copper available in the market

A grade copper

B grade copper                           

A grade copper is a new copper that is fresh and can be use in anything and new products are making from this A grade copper. It is very expensive from the other copper products in the market.

Copper Rate In Pakistan

Second is B grade copper. It is the scrap that is collect from the old thing or old materiel. Scrap copper is defiantly having average quality that is affected by the procedure which is used to convert the shape of the product to extracting the copper from it. The equality also affects the price of copper. So now we know the two types of copper that are available in market. If someone is interested to get in this business or going to purchase copper products for their under construction buildings so should be aware of two types.

In Pakistan many people are heavy investors in copper. Locally it called by the name of tanba. From every city of Pakistan copper is easily available because of the major investors in this industry. New copper wire or A grade wire price is 2,200 to 2,500 and the old and B grade wire is available in 1,400 to 1,500 in market. Here are some brand names that are working 

In this industry and mark their success commendably.

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