Poultry Feed Price In Pakistan 2023 Today Number Wise Table

The page will guide its reader about latest Poultry Feed Price In Pakistan 2023 Today. This is essential thing for those who are involved in chicken business. Chicken feed is best supplement uses for growth. Broiler chicken feed depends upon age cycle. The best knowledge about feeding your chicken is the key indicator of success in this business. Even for home user daily chicken feed price list can consider as cost cutting edge. The growth cost is the only cost associate with this business as compare to other essentials.

FEED NO Murgi Dana Name 50 Kg Bag Price
19 Breeder Crumbs 3500-3600 PKR
18 Pre Breeder Crumbs 3450-3480 PKR
17 Breeder Grower Crumbs 3400-3450 PKR
16 Breeder Starter Crumbs 3430-3480 PKR
13-S Layer Cage Crumbs 3250-3350 PKR
13 Layer Crumbs 3195-3350 PKR
12 Layer Grower Crumbs 3275-3345 PKR
11 Layer Starter Chicks Crumbs 3275-3325 PKR

Many companies are now offering murgi dana feed but the number wise chart is same for all companies. Every brand has its own province wise preference for users. we will just explain the poultry feed price in pakistan without pondering upon the brand name. Remember, we are not in a position to endorse any Poultry Feed company in pakistan. The main purpose of this write is to just explain the prices difference between those feeds.

Poultry Feed Price In Pakistan 2023 Today Number Wise Table

Every company has its own murgi dana poultry feed price notification and they are bound to sell on that price. We will just mention that price above in our price table.

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