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Fridge Price In Pakistan 2020

This page is giving Fridge Price In Pakistan 2020 complete information. Through further details, you can easily get different brands’ models and price details. In Pakistan Fridge are the most important home appliances due to hot weather conditions. Pakistan’s maximum weather season is base on the summer season. In this season if you cooked items are placed in room temperature then your food items will stale due to weather conditions. If you want to enjoy fresh food then Fridge is the most important product for domestic and commercial use. This is a reality without Fridge home appliances are not complete. The fridge is also calling refrigerator and in Pakistan, the different brand product is available for purchasers. Fridge brand names are PEL, Orient, Samsung, Kenwood, Waves, Changhong Ruba, LG, Electrolux, HITACHI, National, Sharp, Panatron, CDA, and Geeprs.

Fridge Price In Pakistan 2020

Fridge Price In Pakistan 2020

In the Market, different times of Fridge is available like double door, single door, small and large. In one Fridge different speed options are available for users. You can set Fridge cooling from 1 to 5 numbers. This is a fact 4 number is green line for Fridge’s best electricity bill and Cooling. Now here we are sharing Fridge Price In Pakistan 2020 through one table. We will try to cover all brand Fridge Price and model without any difficulty.

Fridge new model

Fridge benefits:

Food safety is one and most important benefit of the Fridge. You can store weekly vegetables, fruit, drinking products, cooked food in Fridge cooling temperatures. The second major fridge benefits are zero bacteria temperature. In fridge temperatures are rapidly increasing for bacteria-killing. Through food, the human body will face illness cause.

Fridge Rate in Pakistan:

PEL Arctic Fresh PRAF-2550 (260 Ltr)Rs. 38,500/-
PEL Glass Door 2000 Cosmic Blue (168 Ltr)Rs. 32,500/-
PEL Glass Door 2000 Purple Blaze (168 Ltr)Rs. 32,500/-
PEL Glass Door 2000 Red Blaze (168 Ltr)Rs. 32,500/-
PEL Glass Door 2200 Purple Blaze (194 Ltr)Rs. 34,000/-
PEL Glass Door 2350 Cosmic Blue (240 Ltr)Rs. 40,000/-
PEL Glass Door 2350 Purple Blaze (240 Ltr)Rs. 40,000/-
Orient Diamond 200 Ltr Planet Red/Planet BlackRs. 30,500/-
Orient Diamond 225 Ltr Planet Red/Planet BlackRs. 32,000/-
Orient Diamond 350 Ltr Planet Red/Planet Black (6047-2.3)Rs. 41,000/-
Orient Diamond 380 Ltr Lilly Red (6057-2.1)Rs. 43,000/-
Samsung RT29K5010WW/SG (RT5000K) 290L No Frost with Twin Cooling Plus. 97,000/-
Samsung RT43K6130SP/SG (RT6000K) 430L No Frost with Twin Cooling PlusRs. 125,000/-
Samsung RT18M6211SG/SA 525L Top Mount with Twin Cooling PlusRs. 170,000/-
Samsung RT21M6211SG/MR 628L Top Mount with Twin Cooling PlusRs. 185,000/-
LG GN-C732SGGU 26 cuft No Frost Top Mount InverterRs. 172,000/-
LG GR-X257CSAV 25 cuft No Frost Side by Side Door in Door Smart InverterRs. 310,000/-
LG GR-J317WSBU No Frost Side by Side Door in Door InverterRs. 315,000/-
LG GR-J327CSBL No Frost Side by Side Door in Door InverterRs. 345,000/-
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD308GPR Smart DC Inverter Red Glass 2 DoorRs. 54,900/-
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD338GPR Smart DC Inverter Red Glass 2 DoorRs. 59,900/-
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD338GPB Smart DC Inverter Brown Glass 2 Door. 59,900/-
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD338SP Smart DC Inverter Silver Steel 2 Door. 56,900/-
Hitachi Top Freezer R-T17EG4 SLSRs. 47,000/-
Hitachi Top Freezer R-H230PG4 No Frost InverterRs. 71,000/-
Hitachi Top Freezer R-H350PG4 No Frost InverterRs. 86,000/-
Hitachi Top Freezer R-VG450P3MS No Frost InverterRs. 79,000/-
Hitachi Top Freezer R-VG480P3MS No Frost InverterRs. 112,000/-
Hitachi Top Freezer R-VG560P3MS No Frost InverterRs. 142,000/-
CDA FW821 Integrated full height 316LRs. 118,000/-
CDA FW971 Bottom Freezer 241LRs. 137,000/-
CDA FF820 FreeStanding Full Hight 350L No Frost
Rs. 129,000/-

At the end of the brief, we want to mention a few lines for Fridge Price In Pakistan 2020. Readers of different brands Fridges are available at different prices. You can purchase any fridge with different specifications. You can select a fridge for a kitchen or room with different sizes. If you have any questions about refrigerator price and model then see this page available table.  At the end, for the brief, we also want to mention save yourself from Fridge cool drink water because cool water is harmful to human health.

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