Electric Stove Price In Pakistan

Electric Stove Price in Pakistan starts from 800 and goes up to 8,600 rendering to their specification. Here we will elaborate every minor detail about electric stove features, utility, price and so on. In this trying time, Pakistan has facing gas shortage and other problem at the domestic and industrial level.

To deal with this sort of issues electric stoves have gaining fame for kitchen work due to the efficiency and consistency. Electricity need to generate heat for the cooking procedures. Coils and ceramic glass surfaces are being used in electric stove to produce heat.

Categories of electric stoves

There are numerous sorts of electric stoves that are available in the market. Let’s find the features and differences among them.

Induction stoves

Magnetic field is use to heat the cookware which is quite modern and precise choice for cooking.

Smooth top electrical stove

It has glass ceramic surface which heat the cookware. It slower in action than the other options but it enhances the modern look of kitchen.

Coil based electric stove

Exposed heating coils are used to heat up the cookware. It is very pocket friendly high, fast in temperature for cooking.

Common pros of electric stove

  • Fast in action
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to control the temperature
  • Enhance the elegance of kitchen
  • Noise less
  • All time availability
  • Budget friendly

Electric Stove Price In Pakistan

Daraz Features Olx Features
1950 to 2500 1000w 3000 1000w
1999 to 2300 1000w 3330 1000w
12,800 anex electric stove 1900 1000w RAF stove
7000 ceramic stove 1580 1550 rechargeable stove
3900 to 7600 2000w 6400 ceramic stove
7000 RAF stove 8500 2000 w

Security measures

  • Keep children away
  • Install smoke detector
  • Turn off after use
  • Handel carefully with cloth piece
  • Keep flaming objects away from stove

In this blog we have sufficient details information regarding Electric Stove Price in Pakistan. In any case of any query please don’t hesitate to ask question. Thank you for reading blog. For further information please stay tune with this site.


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