Scooty Price In Pakistan 2024

Scooty price in Pakistan 2024 starts from 200000 and goes up according to model. In this article we delve to see the detail information regarding the Scooty price in Pakistan 2024. The trend of scooty has been emerging during these days for doing daily chores and for girls travelling scooty are quite preferred vehicle. Within large cities scooties are seen normally on roads in different colors and shapes and Pakistan has huge market for the scooties.

Scooties are importing from other countries and Pakistan also manufactures to fulfill the requirement within country. The prices of scooties are being fluctuated due to the economic conditions of country. Prices of scooties according to the models mentioned below to guide the customers;

Models                                                prices

  • super power scooty price in pakistan 227,500 to 228,000
  • crown electric scooty price in pakistan 187,500 to 188,000
  • road prince scooty price in pakistan 275,500 to 276,000
  • united scooty 100cc price in pakistan 265,500 to 266,000
  • Suzuki let’s 49cc price in pakistan                         239,900 to 240,000
  • Suzuki V 50 price in pakistan                                   210,000 to 210,500
  • Honda Dio 49 cc price in pakistan 210,000 to 210,500

Scooty Price In Pakistan

Features of scooty

Here are multiple features of scooties mention

  • Antitheft lock
  • Disc brakes in it
  • LED lights available
  • Automatic
  • Wind protection shield at front
  • Self-start at one attempt
  • Attractive colors

The prices are various in market depends on models customers who cannot afford new scooties have the opportunity to but used or second hand vehicle that can easy comes in customers budget and will not heavy on pockets. Olx is great form for such customers with nice range of variety and price will be depended on condition of the item.

      Models                                                  prices

  • Metro M6 scooty     220,000
  • Metro T9 electric scooty       260,000
  • United 100 cc 95,000
  • Crown prince 350 electric scooty      95,000

As a final thought scooty can be used for both gender men and women and in trying time when the economic condition of country effects on prices scooties are pocket friendly and in Pakistan leading cities are suitable for ladies travelling on roads without cultural barriers. For further information please stay tune with this page. In case of any queries feel free to contact us

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