Forland Truck Price In Pakistan 2024

Forland truck price in Pakistan 2024 starts from 2,049,000 and goes up according the model of vehicle. In this blog we are going to delve in the realm of Forland truck range that is under the umbrella of Foton motors and prices in Pakistan. It is china based company no 1 in commercial ranking. This company offers the 12 line of products, 600 varieties in the world from light commercial, light duty, medium and heavy duty trucks bus & coaches.

The success of this brand lies under their business model that bid innovation in the scientific, technological, management methods. It pays more consideration on commercial vehicle development in terms of technology, management, supply, manufacturing and distribution.

The delivery network is enlarging all over the country including major cities of Pakistan and company aim to provide smooth and efficient delivery service. They only believe if you want to retain the customers is the only way to delight them with best services.

Forland Truck Price In Pakistan 2024

After getting the general preview now its tie to go in more details and figure out about the Forland cargo trucks, dump trucks, special purposes vehicle like concrete mixer, environmental sanitation equipment’s, truck canes, tank trucks.

Customers are greatly interested in Forland trucks specially cargo owner and construction companies who are seeking best quality trucks to accomplish their work with efficiency and also prefer these vehicle because of it affordability and cost efficiency it will help to grow in business as these trucks have the ability to carry such big amount of cargo items within short period.

Forland Truck Price In Pakistan

Here we provide the detail description of the prices according to the models and their features, HP, capacity information for the customer to guide them to take well informed decision. Here is mentioned below;

 Forland truck models                                                         capacity                   HP                            price

  • C10 ALL OPTIONS                                                 1 TON                    61                         2,049,000 TO 2,100,000
  • C10 WITHOUT DESK/ AUDIO                              1  TON                   61                         1,899,000 TO 1,900,000


  • C 10 WITHOUT HEATER AND BLOWER          1 TON                    61                         1,999,000 TO 2,049,000
  • C 19  5 TON                 39                          2,449,000 TO 2,500,000
  • T 5   2 TON                    47                          2,999,000 TO 3,000,000
  • T 5 PRIME  2 TON                    47                         3,099,000 TO 3,100,000
  • C311 NT WITHOUT DESK               3 TON                     5                      3,949,000 TO 4,000,000
  • C314 NT WITHOUT DESK  5 TON                  77.5                       4,049,000 TO 4,100,000
  • C-X17 OIL TANKER         10 TON                   130                       6,299,000 TO 6,300,000
  • C717 WITHOUT DESK            7 TON                     130                       5,649,000 TO 5,700,000

After knowing the new product market value of the forland trucks we deliver the detail information about the used trucks in Pakistani market for those customers who are greatly need the commercial vehicle for their pines and other purposes and cannot afford it due to the higher rates of the new vehicle and they have the chance to get the used vehicle.

The prices are totally depends on the condition of the vehicles. In Pakistan OLX is a forum where you can have huge number of the trucks available on different prices according to their conditions and customers have the opportunity to choose the truck according to their needs and pockets. You can have commercial vehicle within these prices on OLX mentioned here

Forland models                                                       prices

  • forland C19 1800CC DISEL  2,150,000
  • forland truck  2019                                     3,300,000
  • forland mini truck         1,400,000
  • forland M-330                2,200,000
  • c10 zero meter                      2,029,000
  • c19 2018                                                    1,200,000

here some questions raised in customers mind and needed to provide satisfactory answers for the better decision making so let see the what sort of question

What is the price of forland truck in Pakistan?

The prices are different according to the models and features and in this article you will find all details according to the models and features.

Which one forland truck is best in Pakistan?

Forland C 19 is mostly preferred in Pakistan for the commercial use.

Who is the company forland owner?

It is the joint venture between the jew sez and FOTON motors CO. LTD

I hope through this article you will be able to have the preview about the price of forland truck and detail information about the features for the further details please stay tune with this site and in case of any queries please feel free to contact us.

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