3kw Solar System Price In Pakistan 2023

Most of people open facebook, google and youtube hit the search bar and write 3Kw solar system price in pakistan which is 845000 approximately. There are many names who are renowned enough in solar industry available at facebook, youtube as well at Google.

Those players mostly talk about 3Kw solar power system because it is basic system for every home. As technology grows the search also refined includes 3kw hybrid system price. We are going to discuss 3kw solar inverster variety available in pakistan at first, 3kw solar panel requirements at second and 3kw breakers and stand requirement.

3kw Solar System Price In Pakistan 2023

One Should bookmark this page as complete guide about complete solar system price in pakistan for 3kw power. This is most used solar system usually recommended for 5 marla house. Remember, every house has its own requirements so we will talk about general appliances only.

  • 1 invertser AC of 1.5 Ton
  • 3 to 4 Ceiling Fans
  • 1 Fridge
  • 1 Water Motor
  • 1 Iron and LED lights

If you want to install 3 KW system then you will get the idea from this post step by step. The cost is the main purpose of this post.Free of cost energy is guranteed for above given load from dawn to dusk. You can power off your wapda supply at day light with this load easily.

There are four kinds of 3Kw solar inverter available in market.

3Kw inverter price in pakistan for this month is 160,000 to 260,000

  • Solar MAX
  • Max power
  • Inverex

The best advise is always purchased 3kw plus inverter but load should be maintain between 3Kw to 3.5 KW at inverter. In this way the life of solar inverter increases automatically For example, if one cut its costs by buying the same capacity inverter as load then in no time inverter component can cause distrubance.

We will share 3kw Solar System Price qutotation in detail soon

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