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Water Bottle Price In Pakistan 2023 Mineral, Nestle, Gourmet, Aquafina

Before starting this article we want to mention unfortunately Mineral Water is not affordable for poor people. These type of all product is available for those people who can afford Mineral water for drinking. Here we are talking about Water Bottle Price In Pakistan 2023 Mineral, Nestle, Gourmet, Aquafina complete details. If you are living in Pakistan then keep in mind your home base water is not clean for your drink. Different hepatitis and other issue are creating by dirty water. Pakistan national is poor because here governments are giving fraud regarding Saaf Pani Company name. After 70 years we are still waiting drinkable clean water.

Different private companies are earning huge profit through Water Bottle business. This is a fact Pakistan is a best market for clean water business. You can visit Pakistan different cities hospital where you can find low large number of people with different diseases due to dirty water drink issue.

Water Bottle Price!

We are not happy with this all information because poor people cannot purchase clean water. Here we want to mention search your area water filter plant and collect drink water from this point. This is a fact Water filter plant is not giving 100% clean water for drink but yes you can get 70% drinkable water from these points.

Culligan Mineral water Call on 11135353 Home delivery is available on 19 Liters water
Nestle Water Pure small bottle price 30
Gourmet water 19 liter 110
Nestle Pure Water 5 liter bottle 150
EvianMineral Water 1/5 liter 220
Aquafina Mineral water 500 ml 6 pcs 200
Nestle 1.5 liter 6 Pack 340

Water Bottle Price In Pakistan 2019 Mineral, Nestle, Gourmet, Aquafina

According to PSCIR Pakistan Council of Scientific Industrial research 8 to 10 glass clean mineral water is best for human body health. In Pakistan market different brand are giving clean mineral water like Aquafina, Nestle, Kinley, Culligan and Gourmet so select water brand because all are providing quality water. Remember when you purchase water then check bottle water level because local refill bottle level is different as compare company base water bottle level. If any bottle cap is loss or already open then keep in mind this is not original brand water. Now share Water Bottle Price In Pakistan 2023 Mineral, Nestle, Gourmet, Aquafina details with your social friend.

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  1. i need aquafina purify clean mineral water 19 liters bottles, 4 bottles per month can you send me your price

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