Silai Machine Price In Pakistan

Silai machine price in Pakistan starts from 7,000 to 10,000 and goes to the 45,000. In this post, we are going to see the Silai machine price in Pakistan. Sewing machine is most popular device used to stitch up fabric material. It consist of motor which gives the power to needle to move ups and down to stitch the fabric.

With the help of sewing machine the fashion industry, home decor industry, DIY industry takes new turns and sewing machine have turn out to be staple position. It used to make desired designs efficiently at shorten time. It assembled professionally and locally at affordable prices.

Silai Machine Price In Pakistan

Finding the right machine is also fundamental task in terms of having smooth sewing experience. There are so many different ways I which sewing machine helps you like


It is very affordable when create your own designs at lowest coast rather than the readymade purchases that are quite high in rates.


Due to right sewing machine you will be able to finish your stitching efficiently, in time and along with your desired quality. It is very easy to use and helps to enhance the creativity skills.


It is very feasible for the user. We can attach so many different features and can enhance the versatile working and get embroidery done and so on.

Coast efficient

It is one time investment and can make profit at the regular basis. The sewing work that done by the machine is quite durable. Structure wise it comes in two types portable hand machine and second is simple machine. Here are some renowned named that are making good quality sewing machines

  • Singer                   14,500 – 15,500   

  • Singer portable          3500 – 4500   

  • National     10,500 – 12,500

  • Fazal & sons     14,000 – 15,000

  • Street vendor               7,000 – 10,000

Both simple and portable are available on daraz, OLX kind of forums. You will get the sewing machine with the slight discrepancy in prices according their features, models and brands. For more details stay tune with this page.

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