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Homage UPS HTD 2211 SCC Price In Pakistan 2022, Latest Model

Homage UPS HTD 2211 SCC is all here to give you out with the best of the services! Hompage has remained to be front in the streamline list in offering with the best of the services of the home appliances They are highly known as best in giving out the best perfect delivery of the UPS products that are taken to be high demand in the houses for the summer season. Homepage Group Corporation is well known collective multinational consumer electronics and so as the home appliances company.

This company has been basically involved as in designing and so as developing with the manufacturing of the products of air conditioners, mobile phones, computers as well as washing machines and television.  You would be finding all of their home products to be best with the advanced features and reasonable in rates too.  Without any single delay, let’s have a small talk about the features of Homage UPS HTD 2211 SCC Price In Pakistan 2022!  Grab it now!

Homage UPS HTD 2211 SCC Price In Pakistan 2022, Latest Model

Main Key Features of Homage UPS HTD 2211 SCC:

  • This product appliance has been carried out with the adjustment of the 5 tube lights or 12 energy savers and 4 fans.
  • It has the built-in intelligent 3-stage charger control for the purpose of the efficient charging and to prevent overcharging.
  • You will be finding it light in weight.
  • It has the wall mounted designing with the settlement of rack design.
  • It has the User friendly LCD & LED.

Homage UPS HTD 2211 SCC Price In Pakistan 2019, Latest Model

  • You can also view with the multiple set of protections that are offered with the low battery alarm, low battery shutdown, overload protection, over heating protection, as well as short circuit protection.
  • It has been settled with the access of highly efficient DC-to-AC conversion, and so as the minimizing energy loss.
  • Furthermore it has free AC & DC cables plus with the innovative charging system especially designed to suit local type batteries and local weather conditions.

See below side details information:

Market Price of Homage UPS HTD 2211 SCC:

                 You can easily get it at the market price of reasonable 11,400.

Homage UPS HTD 2211 SCC 2019

Homage UPS HTD 2211 SCC Price In Pakistan is the best option to choose out right now for the home product appliances use. You can easily make it get at the reasonable rates without the involvement of getting freak out with the features working mode. So be the first to catch this product in your hands right now!

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