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Homage UPS HTD 1211 SCC New Price In Pakistan

Homage UPS HTD 1211 SCC New is all here for you to make it use upon as the home appliances product coverage. Check out this blog post in order to learn about in detail the complete Homage UPS HTD 1211 SCC! Inside the marketplaces there are so many companies who are coming ahead in offering with the best home appliances products for the house use. In all such companies, how can be missing out mentioning with the name of Homepage. Within this company set up you would be finding the best use of the home appliance products that hence get maximum demanding in the summer season on top of the high mediums. So if you are buying with some of the home appliances to use out, then do not miss out checking out checking out the appliances or products by the side of Homepage. Let’s have a quick know how about the main features and also the market price of the product Homage UPS HTD 1211 SCC New Price In Pakistan!

Capacity Range of Homage UPS HTD 1211 SCC New:

              Below are some of the major specifications related with the capacity range of Homage UPS HTD 1211 SCC New:

  • It has been comprised with the 12 Tube Lights or 30 Energy Savers.
  • It also adds on with the 12 fans.
  • It also put together with the involvement of the 1 refrigerator.
  • You will often be finding the involvement of 1 Split (1Ton) & Washing Machine

Homage UPS HTD 1211 SCC New Price In Pakistan

Important Features of Homage UPS HTD 1211 SCC New:

  • It has the power capacity of around 5000VA/4000Watt/48VDC/230VAC.
  • It would make you offer out with the setting of inverter with built-in solar charger controller.
  • It is ideal for home appliance/office equipment/lighting/motor-based load.

Homage UPS HTD 1211 SCC New Price In Pakistan

  • By using this product you would be able to set priority to either solar input or AC input.
  • It has the built-in MPPT to maximize solar energy harvest.
  • It has the pure sine wave output. Check out Homage UPS HTD 1011 SCC Price In Pakistan 

Price of Homage UPS HEX 5011SCC Off Grid:

This product has been all set with the market price of around 67,000. It is quite a lot reasonable. further explore Homage Ups HTU 2005 Price In Pakistan

This was the complete review related with the Homage UPS HTD 1211 SCC New. It is best with its functioning features and is quite a lot designed in elegant variations. It is advanced set up with the feature aspects. You would love using it in your home product coverage.

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