Gas Cylinder Price In Pakistan

Gas Cylinder Price In Pakistan depends on the kg and prices starts from 800 and goes up according to the increment in kilograms. Gas cylinders are being used for the gas storage under high pressure. Both flammable and inert gases can store in cylinders. There are three sorts of gases that are stockpiled in these cylinders that are utilized for different purposes. People should know the difference in gases that are available commonly.

Categories of gases     

Liquid gas

Are those gases which change their shape due to the pressure and become liquid at normal temperature. Ammonia, chlorine, carbon dioxide are examples of such gases.

Non liquid gases

Are those gases which cannot change their shape and remain gases even after being pressured. Oxygen, nitrogen, helium, argon are examples of such gases.

Dissolved gases

These sorts of gases are so unstable even they can explode at normal temperature. Acetone is added in cylinders to save the explosion. For taking extra security measure the types of material in making of cylinders would be specially considered. Aluminum, steel, alloy materials are being used for the deterioration resistance and factual strength.

Uses of gas cylinder

  • Domestic use
  • Farm
  • Business purposes
  • Industrial usage
  • Popcorn stalls
  • Welding
  • Vehicles

Prices could be change according the size of the cylinders. Let’s have details and latest price description of gas cylinders. Here mentioned below;

Gas Cylinder Price In Pakistan

  Gas cylinder kg  Price
1 kg  800
2kg 1500
4kg 1800
6kg 2000
8kg-10kg 2200-3000

Gas cylinder price on online forums

Daraz OLX
3800       4kg 5,200      4kg
4,000      6kg 13,000    1kg
4300       8kg 30,000    30kg
4500       10kg 22,000    60kg


Safety Measures 

  • Carefully handle the gas cylinders
  • Place at stable safe place and not to hang with wall. In hanging case ropes and chain should be strong.
  • Keep cylinders in well- ventilated area.
  • Keep children away from fuel-gas cylinders.
  • Cylinder should store with close valve and should be hand tighten.
  • Don’t smoke near gas cylinder.
  • Gas cylinders should be safe from falls, hazard incidents.

Here we are able to have compared price details and every possible detail about Gas Cylinder Price In Pakistan. I hope you would get required information. In case of any query please don’t hesitate to contact us. For the further details please visit this page thank you for reading this blog.



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