Electric Water Heater Rod Price In Pakistan 2023

When there was no concept of fixed electric heater, the first thing comes in mind is Electric Water Heater Rod Price In Pakistan 2023. Normally, it is need of hour because everyone is not so much composed to make purchase such tiny thing before its need. When there is no gas heater usage, then there is only one solution to heat the water which is rods. So, here we try to make you aware about the price to make your decision to buy the electric water heater rod in reasoble price from bazar. You are welcome the dedicated page of

[toggle title=”Electric Rod Price In Pakistan For Water” state=”open”]Rs 350 PKR[/toggle]

Electric Immersion Rod used to make the water hot/BoiledInsert the Rod in water and switch on as per requiredSwitch off before using water1200Watt 220 VoltFast ResultBest ProductDurableExcellent Results

We are here to make things from retail market perspective. It is cheapest thing you can buy easily and get benefit of same water warming solution in pakistan. The whole debate is here to make you aware and enrich you knowledge about the price of elecric rod for water. we shall talk about other things like

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You are weclome to share your given prices on inquiry from your area. For example, if you are resides in Garden Town Lahore may be you get this rod in just 300 PKR but if you resides in DHA Lahore then hope you get the same thing in 450 PKR. The price increase with the same quality understandable due to area difference. we made the comment section for you so you can share your price from all over the pakistan. Hope you get the same price ranges within Pakistan.

Sogo Electric Water Heater Rod Price In Pakistan is 350 PKR

For example, you can see the image of Electric Water Heating Rod Small. To get high temp water, essentially plunge the submersion water radiator pole in a tub. You can or holder of water and switch on the pole. Guarantee that the water level is kept between the predetermined ‘least’ and ‘most extreme’ level just before turning on the bar;

  • [highlight color=”yellow”]Anti-corrosive material[/highlight]
  • [highlight color=”red”]Cool touch handle and shock proof[/highlight]

You are here to make things certain with water heater rod discussion only.

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