CSD Price List 2024 CSD Hire Purchase Items Price List

Have a look at the complete details and stats of CSD Price List 2024 CSD Hire Purchase Items Price List from here. For the information, this is the caring store which stands for canteen stores department. You will Get the idea in this post about filling the form of hire purchase scheme of CSD.

I am just representing the actual approach of what CSD officials said. If you already visit the official website about filling the form then you have no or less use of this page.


We have already update the price list in the form of pdf Files which you can download from the officials.
we will update the price list so you can easily download it month wise. This month means on 13 october the list is being updated by the CSD officials and you have the file to download it right away to save your time.

Now readers who wants to know about the hire scheme can continue to read. Only use Black ink while writing on Hire scheme form. This is the required thing you should consider.

The cutting/erasing at the hire scheme form is not allowed in any case. The strictness of filling the form means you should consider this task seriously. It does not matter to bring original form from CSD store to fill it up. You can just print it right away to participate in this scheme.

How To Apply For Hire Scheme In CSD Stores

Three attested copies of CNICs are required with form. The first one is buyer, second guaranteer and third one is Guardian or father. Each copy of cnic should be readable with the naked eye. This is most common approach for any government department. It is very easy for any purchaser from CSD to arrange its CNIC copy or guardian copy. The difficult part is to arrange the guaranteer attested copy.

  • Lt Col
  • GCU Or Equivalent
  • NCO Or Equivalent
  • Sepoy or Lance Naik

These above could be consider as your guaranteer. I have provided the form above With the price list. The next new thing i would like to talk about the impact of islamic finance at CSD price list

This thing is different or one can say entirely new as compare to Hire scheme. If you are regular purchaser from CSD then you may have the idea. I have to enhance your idea and mindset about this new scheme.

CSD offers and give out daily-use items to all of its clients at the price range of 6-8 % which is lower price stat than that of the current market. TheirĀ  major and important business segment, it is this retail merchandising.

This business segment has been contributing about and approximately 55 % with respect to CSD total business. In this segment, you will see included products like that of food items, meat and fish, household items, personal care items and also linen items, fruits and vegetables, stationery items and garments.

Here Is CSD Price List:

We will keep you informed more about the details of CSD Price List 2024 CSD Hire Purchase Items Price List. We know that CSD has been running one of the well-articulated and well structured hire purchase schemes since the time of 1974.

It is for the personnel of these armed forces as well as for some of the fraternal organizations that this scheme is operational.

According to this scheme, household items are sold out like that of bikes and cars to any of the authorized beneficiaries on quite quick and easy installments.

This scheme has now been boasting over and about 1,92,002 members along with the annual outlay of Rs 11.8 Billion about CSD Price List 2024 CSD Hire Purchase Items Price List

Here you can have a look at the complete biodata of this canteen stores department and we will put up the revised information as attached to the section of CSD Price List 2024 CSD Hire Purchase Items Price List as well.

Let us know whether you have ever shop from this canteen stores department or not and how was your experience.

We will keep on be sharing such kind of categories and their updated price lists on this page, so keep in touch with us.

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