BELVIN Ceiling Fans Price In Pakistan 2023 New Model Shape

In Pakistan Summer season are starting now explained BELVIN Ceiling Fans Price In Pakistan 2023 New Model Shape Power Consumption . This is a Fact Pakistan maximum weather is base on hot weather condition. During summer season electricity Load shedding is also big problem so solar technology is also basis need for summer hot weather kill situation.

Here we are sharing best Fan company ceiling fan products. This fan can also run through solar panel system with small solar panel plate. Through this page you can easily understand BELVIN Ceiling Fans Price In Pakistan 2023 New Model Shape Power Consumption complete details. Belvin company is running by Bless group of companies. This company is providing quality product with reasonable rate.

If you are living in Pakistan then this summer season your best fan choice name is BELVIN Ceiling Fans 2023. Ceiling fan product is basis need in Pakistan you can install this product in your home, office, shop means every place where you want to need ceiling fan.

BELVIN Ceiling Fans Price!

BELVIN company is giving different products for summer season. You will buy Pedestal fans, Bracket Fans, Table Stand Fans, Circomatic Fans, Louver Bracket Fans, Ventilating fans and DC Fans. Well here you can easily read about BELVIN Ceiling Fans Price In Pakistan 2023 complete details.

BELVIN Ceiling Fans new model

BELVIN Ceiling Fans New Model Code 2023:

BELVIN Ceiling Fans new mode cods are Pearl B 50 PCF , Gloria B 64 FCF, DIAMOND B 60 DCF and Crystal B 55 CCF.

BELVIN Fans Price List 2023:

Belvin Fan Price List 2019

CH 56 Capri Brown 3860
CF 56 Crystal Black 5300
CF 56 Decora Series Pearl Antique 5800
CF 56 Platinum Tulip Wood 3820
CF 56 Magic Black Siver 4700

BELVIN Ceiling Fans Power Consumption:

This company is giving different capacity ceiling fans for their valuable customer. You will get 56 Watt to 74 Watt ceilings fans through BELVIN fans Company. You will get per fan discount around 50 to 100 rupees. This discount is depend on your shop keeper.

BELVIN Ceiling Fans Price In Pakistan 2019 New Model Shape Power Consumption

BELVIN Fans Power Consumption Idea:

Pure cooper fans are providing by BELVIN Ceiling Fans. After BELVIN Ceiling Fans Price In Pakistan 2023 New Model Shape details now you can get idea about electricity consumption. If you run this fans 14hrs then one unit will use.


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